Refer A Family

If you know a family who could benefit from the services provided by Wonders & Worries, let us know. We have offices in four central Texas locations and provide phone consultations in English and Spanish for families in other parts of the country as well. We’ll contact them.

What to Expect When Referring a Family

Our program director will be the first to respond to your referral. She will call the family within two business days to assess their needs, answer their questions and determine whether Wonders & Worries support is right for that family. If there is a good fit and the family is interested in Wonders & Worries support, a child life staff member will be assigned to the family.

The child life staff member will schedule an intake with the parents or caregivers before children receive any direct support. Intakes usually take place in person. If a parent is unable to travel to a Wonders & Worries office due to illness, however, the child life staff may come to them, or conduct the intake over phone or email.

Together, we will determine the type of support your children need.


Request Support for Your Family

If you live in the central Texas area, you may request support for your own family. You may also contact us at


Request Support for a Family You Know

You may refer a family you know in central Texas here. You may also contact us at Please be sure you have the permission of the family you’re referring before contacting Wonders & Worries.