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Disturbing health news can be hard for parents to grasp, much less explain to curious children. We advise parents not to avoid difficult topics, but instead engage their children and teens in age-appropriate conversations to help them make sense of potentially scary information. We offer our resources free of charge.


Illness Discussion Tips

Finding the right words to use when telling your child about an illness can be difficult. Our illness and cancer discussion tips help plan meaningful conversations with your children or teens.

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Child Developmental Stages

Children at different developmental stages react to illness in age-related ways. Read through our child developmental stages to better understand your child or teen’s perspective.

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Kids and Castle

Recommended Reading

Discover the books that can help you, your child and teen at home. Compiled by our child-life staff, we have recommendations for every age group.

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Recommended Reading

Parenting Tips

Parenting is rewarding – and challenging! We’re here to help during this difficult time. We provide therapeutic tips to help parents and caregivers communicate with children and teens.
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Parenting Support

Parenting while ill – or during a spouse’s illness – is uniquely challenging. We offer a variety of parent support services that can be used independently or alongside our services for children and teens.

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