Helping Children Cope When A Parent Faces a Serious or Life-threatening Illness

    The impact of a parent's serious illness on a child can be profound. It can affect the child's mental health, family functioning, school performance, friendships, growth and development, and overall adjustment.


    Wonders & Worries was launched in 2001 with the first community assistance grant offered by Livestrong, our Founding Partner. Today, Wonders & Worries works with families in all stages of survivorship, who are affected by any serious or chronic physical illness. Wonders & Worries provides individual and group support services for children ages 2-18 and parenting support for parents and caregivers. Services are offered free of charge in a variety of school and community-based settings, with program services provided by professional child life staff in both English and Spanish.


    Wonders & Worries services are based on data which shows that psychosocial support and illness education provided to children at an age-appropriate level significantly helps children, eases stress within the family, improves the parent's depressed mood, and increases the parent's ability to focus on treatment and well-being.