Our Partners

The work of supporting families through a health journey is not ours alone. Meet some of our partners and learn how you can become one!

Business Partners

We’re always looking for corporate partners to:

  • Share their skills and expertise with Wonders & Worries
  • Sponsor events and initiatives
  • Provide discounts or in-kind goods and services
  • Refer new clients
  • Make services available to client families

Want to give back and change lives in your community? Contact Nicole Halder at nicole@wondersandworries.org or 512-329-5757, Ext. 120 for upcoming opportunities.

Registered Wonders & Worries Providers

In addition to our national helpline (844-WE-WONDER), we have a growing network of Registered Wonders & Worries Program (RWWP) providers across the country that have received extensive training in the delivery of the Wonders & Worries curriculum.  Reach out to a RWWP partner near you for direct support options in your area.



Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS, RWWP

Child Life Mommy Private Practice

Loomis, CA

Web Site: ChildLifeMommy.com

E-Mail: ShaniThornton@ChildLifeMommy.com

Tel. 917-733-5918


Bridget Bostick Perry, CCLS, CIMI, RWWP

Moments and Memories

New Orleans, LA

E-Mail: bridgetbperry@gmail.com

Tel. 504-655-0510


Mary Pat S. Benning, B.A., B.S., CCLS, RWWP

Founder/Director, Heartfelt Books

St. Cloud, MN

Web Site: www.HeartfeltBooks.us

E-Mail: MaryPat.Benning@HeartfeltBooks.us

Tel. 320-266-5128


Megan Cassani, MA, CCLS, CIMI, RWWP

Play as Medicine

St. Louis, MO

Web Site: www.playasmedicinemo.com

E-Mail: megan.cassani@playasmedicinemo.com

Tel. 314-398-3357

Joyce Lawson

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

St. Louis, MO

E-Mail: joylawson61676@gmail.com

Tel. 314-630-8314

Ali Stewart, MA, CCLS, CT, CIMI, RWWP

St. Louis, MO

E-Mail: alistewartccls@gmail.com

Tel. 314-251-9163


Lisa A. Ciarrocca, CCLS, RWWP

The Next Step Partners In Psychosocial Care LLC

Fanwood, NJ 07023

Web Site: www.thenextstepnj.com

E-Mail: thenextstepnj@gmail.com 

Tel. (908) 370-1844



Yukihiro Fushimi, CCLS, RWWP

Keio University Hospital

Tokyo, Japan

Web Site: http://www.hosp.keio.ac.jp/en/

E-Mail: yfushimi@alumnae.mills.edu

Tel. +819061378234

Partners in San Antonio

Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas

The Wonders & Worries San Antonio office is housed in the START Center for Cancer Care, in partnership with The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas.

This Wonders & Worries office opened in July 2017 and provides the same high-quality, professional services focused on individual support, group support and parental support. All services are free of charge to families and available in English and Spanish.

You can reach the San Antonio office to make an appointment at 210-307-4853.

Want to learn more about partnership opportunities in San Antonio? Contact Meredith Cooper at meredith@wondersandworries.org.