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For Professionals

  1. FAQs
  2. Illness Discussion Tips (English)
  3. Illness Discussion Tips (Spanish)
  4. Wonders & Worries Jar
  5. Teaching Kids about Cancer
  6. Teaching Kids About Port-A-Cath
  7. Teaching Kids About Symptoms: Making Blood Soup
  8. Recommended Reading
  9. Newsletters – Coming Soon
  10. Brochure
  11. Referral Form or Make a Referral directly from our web site

Flyers For Connecting Parents to Wonders & Worries

  1. Wall Flyer (English)
  2. Wall Flyer (Spanish)
  3. Flyer – Medical Professionals (English)
  4. Flyer – Medical Professionals (Spanish)
  5. Flyer – School Professionals (English)
  6. Flyer – School Professionals (Spanish)

Helpline (1-844-WE-WONDER)

Connect with Wonders & Worries expert staff on how to talk to children and teens about adult illness.

For Parents

Be sure to visit our web page for parents for additional fantastic resources.