Registered Provider Program

Who benefits from the Registration Program?

  • Child life specialists who want to enhance their clinical skills with this particular population (i.e. children 2-18 with parents or a primary caregiver with a serious or life-threatening illness) using an intervention proven to be clinically effective.
  • Child life specialists in private practice wishing to increase their client scope.
  • Child life specialists who wish to propose services to their institution and deliver the program without the organization becoming a full affiliate [Please be aware there are specific stipulations related to this scenario].
  • Child life specialists being consulted to provide services in adult areas of their healthcare institution.
  • Organizations interested in offering a comprehensive support program for children and teens impacted by an adult’s illness

Why partner with us?

The Wonders & Worries model of support is the only formal curriculum-based intervention that has been validated by a randomized clinical trial.  In addition, it has been subject to an evaluative process that anecdotally has proven its value to families confronting an adult’s illness.  This evaluative and anecdotal information was received through a formalized evaluation process.

Registration will allow for use of a validated intervention as well as ongoing support, supervision and access to newly created resources to serve the families in your community.  Resources such as therapeutic activities, forms and marketing materials will be available to those who are registered or affiliated with Wonders & Worries.

This validated program should also gain the interest of institutions and organizations looking to support the children of adult patients or clinicians proposing new services to administration, as it has data driven validation of its effectiveness. 

A partnership with Wonders & Worries will not only afford you access to all our current leading-edge curriculum and materials, but also provide you access to support from our program team, both in group format as well as in the form of an individual consultation.  In addition, your organization will benefit from our ongoing significant investments in curriculum development, clinical research, product development and branding – all included in your registration fees.

Being engaged with our dynamic organization will provide a network of professionals working in similar roles and help decrease any potential sense of professional isolation.  In 2019, The Association of Child Life Professionals published a Position Statement supporting child life specialists and their work with the children of adult patients.  This position paper coupled with the clinically-validated Wonders & Worries curriculum will be valuable tools for any clinician seeking to propose services to their institution.

What are my options?

Wonders & Worries offers two unique models for possible engagement:

  1. Individual Credential Level – for both certified child life specialists and other mental health practitioners
  2. Organizational Affiliate Level – for medical institutions interested in procuring a Wonders & Worries site license

What are the requirements for registration?

Initial Requirements

  • Must be a currently certified child life specialist [or meet additional prescribed training criteria] and must maintain CCLS status while a Wonders & Worries registered provider
  • Application completed (education, background, intended practice area)
  • Complete 3 day training course either at Wonders & Worries in Austin (travel covered by registrant) or online (not offered until Fall, 2020).  
  • Commitment to participate in 8 individualized clinical supervision hours within the first two years of registration
  • Commitment to participate in 8 group program consultation hours within the first three years of registration
  • Annual report submitted to Wonders & Worries.  Format will be provided.

Ongoing Requirements

  • 8 group program consultation hours to be used every three years
  • Attendance at Wonders & Worries Partnership Program conference at least every three years (Registered clinician to cover travel/lodging expense)
  • Changes to status reported to Wonders & Worries within two weeks of change
  • Registration renewal due every three years and will require updated information, continuing education requirements and a nominal fee

What are the program fees?

For individual clinicians, a registration fee of $1,200 (financing available) will be required to become a Wonders & Worries Registered Provider.  After the first three years, a renewal fee of $400 is then required every three additional years for use of curriculum and resources.  If registration is not renewed the provider will no longer have access to the curriculum, updates, resources, and use of name. Institutional affiliate pricing is dependent on the number of providers that will be registered – please contact us at to receive a customized quote for your institution.

What does the registration fee include?

Individual Clinicians

For individual clinicians, the registration fee includes:

  1. Start-up materials, including a complete validated program manual
  2. Supporting information regarding startup supplies needed, forms, space layout, etc.
  3. Three days of initial training for the child life specialist (travel to live training in Austin to be covered by individual)
  4. Listing as a Wonders & Worries registered provider on the Wonders & Worries website
  5. Discounts on the purchase of non-program related Wonders & Worries products
  6. Permission to deliver the Wonders & Worries curriculum/program as a therapeutic tool at your place of employment 
  7. Eight (8) hours of individualized clinical supervision to be used within the first two years*
  8. Eight (8) hours of group program consultation to be used within the first three years*
  9. Invitation to the Wonders & Worries Registration Program conference annually. (travel expenses covered by the attendee, CEUs offered by Wonders & Worries)
  10. Access to shared drive of therapeutic activities, templates & forms for use while a registered clinician
  11. Access to any additional materials developed after initial registration
  12. CEUs offered for initial training
  13. Waived fees for WonderChat webinar PDUs

* Additional supervision or group consultation hours may be purchased upon request. Contact us for specific rates.


For institutions, in addition to the individual benefits per clinician outlined above, the following benefits are also provided:

  1. Use of the program name for co-branding and advertising initiatives
  2. Access to marketing materials and marketing templates to help publicize the program
  3. Listing as a Wonders & Worries registered institution on the Wonders & Worries web site
  4. Discounts on the purchase of non-program related Wonders & Worries products
  5. Two days of on-site consultation / supervision to be used during the first year of the program
  6. Four additional hours of phone consultation per year, usable as the institution sees fit *
  7. Exclusive opportunities to participate in ongoing Wonders & Worries clinical research

* Additional supervision or group consultation hours may be purchased upon request. Contact us for specific rates.

How do I register?

We are currently accepting applications for the Registered Provider program.  The next training will take place in Austin, Texas from November 9-11, 2020. Beginning in 2021, in-person trainings will be held in Austin, Texas in late April and early November. An on-line training option is also being developed and targeted to be offered in late 2020.  For organizational affiliates with more than 3 providers, please ask us about potential on-site training for your team.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Apply today!

  1. Complete & Submit Online Application 
  2. Application Reviewed by Wonders & Worries Staff
  3. Phone interview with Wonders & Worries Staff
  4. Final determination made and applicant notified within two weeks of the phone interview
  5. Fees paid
  6. Formal agreement signed (will include attestation statements, requirement acknowledgements, etc.)
  7. Complete pre-requisite training (only applies to master level mental health professionals that are not certified child life specialists)
  8. Complete 3 day training session

How should I contact you?

Please contact us immediately at for any of the following (indicate the nature of your inquiry in your e-mail):

  • Receive a digital copy of the program brochure
  • Schedule a phone call to obtain a custom price quote for an institutional affiliation for your organization
  • Ask any additional questions you might have

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