Episode 4: Self-Care and Covid-19

Self-Care is an essential discipline that allows us to care for the unique ways we are designed and to be able to care for our mind-body-spirit.  This podcast, led by Julie May and guest, Crystal Wilkins, focuses on 5 aspects of self-care, specifically: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual and Professional. Parents impacted by illness are more vulnerable to high volumes of stress.  Self-care is always valuable, but during an illness journey, it is essential. And during COVID-19, what we are finding is that our normal routes for self-care may be interrupted or unavailable. This requires flexibility, exploration and experimentation of what works for you.  Self-care is an easy thing to put on the back-burner, specifically for parents. You are used to caring for others first. But, we know it is imperative that you care for yourself so that you are able to care more fully and wholly for your children and teens.  Please take a listen!

Episode 4: Self-Care and Covid-19
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