Partners in Hope

Since 2001, Wonders & Worries has supported over 9,600 children and their families. As we approach our 20th anniversary, we want to ensure that we can help even more families in the next 20 years.

Our Partners in Hope Program allows families who received support from Wonders & Worries to give back to our organization in supporting our future families. We want to make sure that the opportunity exists for each family to give back in the way that feels right to them. Please consider supporting Wonders & Worries in one of the following ways.  

How to Become a Partner in Hope 

Pay it Forward – Become a Monthly Donor

Please join us by becoming a founding family of Partners in Hope. Your monthly contribution will make a huge difference in the life of the next family that comes to us for support during a parent’s serious illness.   

Ask your friends and family to add Wonders & Worries to their annual giving

Connect with Us

Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to keep up with what’s going on and share about Wonders & Worries with your family and friends. We are here for them, just like we are here for you.  

Attend Our Events

Events are an easy way to get involved with Wonders & Worries. From pop-up happy hours to race car driving and art sales, we have something for everyone! Visit our event page to learn more about upcoming events

Share a Memory 

Share a current picture and memory about your time at Wonders & Worries by emailing it to Nicole Halder at [email protected]


Interested in volunteering? Learn about opportunities to help others at Wonders & Worries. We have something for everyone!   

Leverage the Holidays 

For a birthday or holiday, in lieu of gifts, have everyone donate to Wonders & Worries.  Check out our Community Champions page to connect with us!  

Host a Party

Throw a fun seasonal party for you and your friends to bring awareness to and raise money for Wonders & Worries.  Fill out the form on our Community Champions page and we can help get you the Wonders & Worries items you need! 

Thank you to one of our client families who hosted a blood drive to support their dad! The daughters set up a lemonade stand and collected donations for Wonders & Worries. What a wonderful way to ensure that more families get the help they need!