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The Mission Of Wonders & Worries is to provide professional support for children through a parent’s illness. At Wonders & Worries, our work ensures that children continue to do well in school reach their full potential even though their parent is going through an illness. Kid’s brains are still developing, and building a foundation of emotional resiliency supports lifelong well-being.

In 2001, Following Their Extensive Work With Pediatric Oncology Patients, Meredith Cooper, MS, CCLS, LPC and Melissa Hicks, MS, CCLS, LPC, RPT created the Wonders & Worries program because they saw the need for more formalized psychosocial services for children and adolescents who have a parent diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness. Funded by a start-up grant from Livestrong, Wonders & Worries is a unique program provided for free in English and Spanish by professionals who are specially trained to help children and their families successfully navigate stressful healthcare experiences.

The extensive psychological needs of the children and the special needs of the family unit are often overlooked. Families know state-of-the-art medical care is important. What they often do not realize is that state-of-the-art psychological care should also be included to provide coping skills to ease anxiety, depression and the stress response symptoms.

Wonders & Worries offers free, individual and group counseling sessions in English and Spanish for children ages 2-18, child/parent relationship training classes, informal support with recreational group activities, and bereavement support.

Wonders & Worries services are based on empirical data which shows that psychosocial support and illness education provided to children at age-appropriate levels significantly helps children maintain their well-being, eases stress within the family, improves parental depression, and increases the parent’s ability to focus on treatment– ensuring that the family can reach their potential and fully contribute to the community.

Wonders & Worries model and services are unduplicated. Our vision is to offer Wonders & Worries programs across America.