Bereavement Support

Unfortunately, some of our Wonders & Worries families are faced with the loss of a loved one. For these families we offer support designed to help families prepare for the end of life, and gain skills that will help them cope with the loss.
While Wonders & Worries’ services are available to children and families during any stage of the illness, it is most helpful to children to begin working with Wonders & Worries as early in the illness as possible. This allows children and their families to establish a more in-depth relationship with their primary child life staff member.
Wonders & Worries does not begin working with a family if a loss has already occurred. We do however strongly encourage parents and caregivers to seek support for themselves and for grieving children. It may be helpful to start by seeking support from school counselors and spiritual leaders in your community. In the Austin area we also recommend the following organizations: